Frequently asked questions

  • What does synchronise the units’ means and how is it done?
    Answer: To ensure that only the rightful owner can locate your keys, the units need a unique synchronised code. When using the KeySeeker the first time or by switching the keytag from OFF to ON, the keytag needs to be synchronised. The keytag will therefore give two small beeps each second until it finds its master. Simply press ”ACTIVATE” on the remote control and the keytag will be synchronised. The beep will stop and KeySeeker is ready to use.
  • Could anyone else find my keys?
    Answer: No, synchronised units are uniquely linked. Only the right remote control would find your keys.
  • How big is the KeySeeker™?
    Answer: The remote control is by the size of normal credit card and 3mm thick.
    The keytag is 4,4cm x 2,8cm and 9mm thick.
  • How long will the batteries last?
    Answer: 12-15 months during normal usage. If you activate KeySeeker™ several times a day, the batteries lifetime will be shortened. New sets of batteries are available at your local supermarket or watchmaker.
  • How do I change batteries?
    Answer: If the KeySeeker™ range has been shortened or it even stops working, it’s probably time to change batteries. Contact your local watchmaker for help or follow these instructions:
  • Remote control:
    1. Open the battery case located at the marking ”BATTERY”.
    2. Replace the two standard CR2016 batteries, both with the positive poles facing the back of the remote.
    3. Close the battery case

  • Keytag:
    1. Switch off the Keytag. Use a small knife or screwdriver to switch the trigger to off-mode.
    2. Unscrew the two screws on the back of the keytag.
    3. Remove the bottom case and replace the standard CR2032 battery with its positive pole facing upwards, towards you.
    4. Assemble the pieces and screw it back together. Switch it back to ON and synchronise again.
    KeySeeker - Change Batteries

  • What happens if I lose the remote control?
    Answer: Then you lose the ability to find your keys. So it is very important to keep your remote control somewhere safe and accessible. Place it in your wallet or purse, otherwise attached to the wall next to your front door. You can always reuse a single keytag by synchronise it to a new KeySeeker™.
  • Could I combine more than one keytag to a remote control?
    Answer: Yes, but since there is only one activate button, every synchronised keytag within detection range will sound its alarm. Use the same remote control to synchronise every keytag. Although, no keytags are sold separately.
  • What does the red light on the back of the remote control means?
    Answer: The LED light indicates that the Activate-button is pressed. The remote control is sending its signal to active the keytag.
  • Does KeySeeker™ withstand water?
    Answer: Not much. Like most electronics, the KeySeeker™ is sensitive to fluids. Protect it from unnecessary water or heavy rain.

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