This is Keyseeker

Tired of always losing your keys? Especially when you need them at the most? Don’t worry, you are not alone. KeySeeker is developed for this issue by people having these problems. KeySeeker is an easy to use keyfinder with no false alarms. No clapping or whistling!

KeySeeker includes a small and discrete keytag and a convenient remote control at the size of a credit card. Attach the keytag to your keys or any other item you misplace frequently. Place the remote control safely in your wallet or purse. Press the remote and your keys will sound its alarm for six seconds. Press continuously until you find them.

  • Easy to use
  • No more last minute panic!
  • Up to 40meters detection range
  • Reduced everyday stress!
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Search abilities

KeySeeker uses new improved RF Technology with astonishing 40 meters detection range with good signal penetration. Each set uses a unique ID which only allows the correct remote control to find its keytag. The Keytag alarm is easily heard through drawers, sofa cushions, piles of clothes, a concrete wall or even a refrigerator!

Hints and tips

Keep the remote control with you at all times by placing it in your wallet or purse, with the activate button easily accessible. Make sure nothing can press the button accidentally.

Adjust the keytag mode from ON to OFF by using a small knife or screwdriver. Don’t use a ballpoint pen any other blunt objects, no force necessary. See more detailed information here...


Batteries are always included. Two standard CR2016 batteries for the remote control and one standard CR2032 battery for the keytag. Read more about charging batteries here...

"You don't buy just another gadget, you invest in a better life!"